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Unify OpenScape Business X5W

door Unify
SKU L30251-U600-G613
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OpenScape Business V1 X5W System Box, Wall-Mount Design, LAN/WAN, 2×S0 / 8×UP0/E / 4×analog (a/b)

OpenScape Business V1 X5W System Box, Wall-Mount Design, LAN/WAN, 2xS0 / 8xUP0/E / 4xanalog (a/b)

- SDHC card with software
- Mainboard and power supply
- Integrated MDF
- 6 slots for optional system cards
- 2 GigE LAN ports (customer LAN, Service)
- 1 GigE WAN port (direct internet access)
- 1 USB port (Service)
- WITHOUT mains power cord

- Up to 500 TDM telephones and IP workpoints in total
- Up to 500 IP subscribers
- Up to 320 integrated Voice Mailboxes (on mainboard)
- UP to 1 UC Booster Card

Plus, with UC Booster Server:
- Up to 4 ITSP supported (up to 60 channels)
- Up to 68 analog and 8 digital subscribers or
- Up to 52 digital and 4 analog subscribers
- Up to 60 exchange/network connections (analog lines/digital channels)
- 1 digital S2 (E1) exchange trunk (ISDN PRI)
- Up to 64 cordless handsets with using of SLC16N
- Up to 7 cordless base stations for up to 32 cordless handsets (direct connection of base stations to UP0/E ports on mainboard). CMA module required if more than one base station is configured, or if more than 2 B-channels of the base station ar used.

Configuration variant with Smart UC:
- Up to 50 Smart UC users
- Company Autoattendant

Configuration variant with UC Suite:
- Up to 500 UC Suite users and UC functions
- Up to 64 contact center agents

DSP channels for systems with mixed TDM and IP voice connections:
DSP channels for up to 8 simultaneous connections are integrated in de mainboard. The OCCB1 plug-in module can be used to extend the number of DSP channels available, allowing up to 48 simultaneous connections. The OCCB3 card provides further digital signal processing channels and is required for increasing the maximum number of simultaneous voice connections from 49 to 128.