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Unify Openscape S5

door Unify
SKU L30250-F600-C500
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De OpenScape DECT-telefoon S5 is de opvolger van de Gigaset S4 professional.

  • De microfoon / de zenderfrequentie instellen in maximaal 4 stappen.
  • Gescheiden compartiment voor de batterij, zodat deze eenvoudig te vervangen is.
  • Geïntegreerd trilsignaal.
  • Akoestisch signaal (optioneel) bij het verlaten / opnieuw aanmelden bij het DECT netwerk.
  • Automatische toetsenblokkering (optioneel): schakelt automatisch uit / aan bij inkomende oproepen.
  • Overdracht van de Caller ID (CLIP) via Bluetooth (indien ondersteund door de headset).
  • Inkomende oproepdrempel in de lader (optioneel).
  • Telefoonnummers kunnen worden gebruikt voor speed dial / sneltoetsen op de 2 softkeys.

Key Features

The following table provides an overview. This list is not exhaustive. Please refer to the detailed operating instructions for more information.

Mobility Features

Multi-cell capability

  • Roaming
  • Seamless connection Handover during a call
  • Bearer handover in case of disturbances
  • Display message when leaving the radio network


  • Encrypted voice transmission regarding DECT standard
  • Secure system logon

Multi-DECT system capability option for parallel registration of the handset at up to four DECT systems

Description of Features of the OpenScape DECT Phone S5 handset


  • Illuminated keypad
  • Combined accept call/hands-free key
  • MWI (Message Waiting Indicator) key
  • 5-way navigation key
  • Keypad lock on/off
  • Key for all ringers off
  • Talk key functions:
    • when pressed briefly: redial list
    • when held down: dial state
  • Free programmable Display-key
  • Combined microphone transmit volume/mute key
  • R- (Flash) key
  • 2-way side rocker switch for simple volume control during a call


  • Illuminated graphical display
  • brilliant TFT display, 65k color, 128*160 pixel resolution
  • Color scheme and screen saver settings
  • Display of fonts and symbols in different situations in large fonts
  • Configurable timeout of the display
  • Display-Languages of the handsets:

German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Czech, Slovakia, Polish, Turkish, Greek, Hungarian, Russian, Croatian, Slovenian, Roman, Serbian, Catalan, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Ukrainian, Arabian

Display in idle state

  • Status display:
    • Battery charging
    • Received field strength
    • Ring tones off
    • Warning tone on
    • Keypad lock on
    • Bluetooth activated
  • Local editing of base station name
  • Notices of (Display-indicate with the first off hock):
    • own call number
    • Date and time


  • Picture out of media pool store
    • alternative to pictures: analogue or digital clock
  • Screensaver replaces the notices in idle


  • Handset is preset
  • Individual settings
    • Fast access on functions and numbers
    • Belay of numeric key/ display key
    • Display: Language, Color-Schema, Contrast, Illuminating, Screensaver
    • Automatic Call acceptance on/off
    • handsfree-/earpiece volume
    • ring tones, melodies

Media Pool administered:

  • Monophonic ring tones (Sounds)
  • Polyphone melodies (Sounds)
  • Pictures for:
    • Screensaver
    • Caller pictures (ClIP pictures)

Alarm clock

  • activated/deactivated
  • Period: Monday – Friday or daily
  • Wake-up call is signaled with selected Sound

Appointments (Calendar)

  • They can remember let up to 30 appointments
    • Appointments of the day are indicated,
    • Appointment can be supplemented with text,
    • Appointment call is signaled with selected Sound,
    • Indicated text, date and time are indicated.
  • List of missed appointments

Phone book

  • Storage possibility of the directory
    • Up to 500 entries for all directories
    • Fast access on a number (speed dialing)
    • Up to three phone numbers with accompanying name, surname (private/office/mobile), e-mail address, appointments with signaling, VIP-notation, CLIP pictures
  • phone book administration via PC (Gigaset QuickSync = PC application)
    • via Bluetooth-Interface
    • via Mini- USB interface
  • Saving/loading phone book data from/to HiPath Manager (HiPath-/OpenScape- Cordless Enterprise)
  • Access to System phone book
    • LDAP system telephone database (only with HiPath Cordless Office)
    • HiPath Manager (HiPath-/OpenScape- Cordless Enterprise)

Message signaling

  • Illuminated MWI (Message Waiting Indication) key alerts users of new messages
  • Signaling of the new message through press the MWI-key

Call signaling

  • Automatic call acceptance when the handset is removed from the charging unit (configurable)
  • Visual/acoustic call signaling
  • Display of call number and caller name
  • Distinction between internal and external calls
  • Ring tones and melodies:
    • 5 standard ringer tones
    • 21 polyphonic ringer melodies
  • Ring tones can be deactivated while attention tone is activated
  • Setting of different ringers for internal and external calls
  • Volume can be set in 5 steps plus crescendo

Handset lock

  • with 4-digit PIN


  • 2 Nickel-Metal-Hydride „AAA“ Micro batteries
  • Approved capacity: 550-1000mAh
  • Two approved batteries are supplied with the phone
  • Charging
    • in power-off mode
    • in power-off mode with activated PIN protection
    • in operating mode
  • Low battery warning tone (configurable)

Headset 1 
Headset connection via:

  • Corded: 2,5 mm jack
  • Cordless: Bluetooth
  • Tested Corded- Headsets (please consider the adapter cable):
    • Plantronics CHS142N
    • Plantronics HW291N/A (requires adapter cable 2.5mm jack to QD – Plantronics P/N 64279-02)
    • Jabra BIZ 2400 Mono 3 in 1
    • Jabra BIZ 2300 Mono
    • Jabra BIZ 1900 Mono
  • Tested Cordless (Bluetooth)- Headsets:
    • Plantronics Blackwire 720
    • Plantronics Voyager Legend UC
    • Plantronics Voyager Edge/R
    • Plantronics M55
    • Jabra Supreme UC
    • Jabra Motion UC +
  • Hearing aide compatible (HAC)

Accessories (e.g. carrying aids) 2 

  • One Belt clip is supplied with the phone

PC Interface

  • Bluetooth, Mini- USB
  • Bluetooth Specification: V2.1, the following profiles are available:
    • Headset-HSP, Data-SPP, Handset-HFP, Object-Push- profile OPP

PC Application

  • Gigaset QuickSync
    • Phone book synchronization
    • Loading from Screensaver, CLIP-pictures, melodies and ringer tones

Compatible with HiPath Positioning System (HPS)

  • Localization of mobile users (only with HiPath-/OPenScape Cordless Enterprise) using HiPath Positioning System

PC-Software (Gigaset QuickSync)

  • Download of Gigaset QuickSync software, available for Microsoft Windows 32/64 bit and Apple MacOS operative systems.


The OpenScape DECT Phone S5 handset can be connected to the following systems:


HiPath 4000


  • HiPath Cordless Enterprise from R3.42.0-CV422


OpenScape 4000


  • OpenScape Cordless Enterprise from R0.4.0-CV020


HiPath 3000


  • HiPath Cordless Office from V9_R2.8.1_006


OpenScape Business


  • HiPath Cordless Office from V1R1.3.0